The Art Guild of Scarborough
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All original works. Please click on art to view enlarged image (in new window), title of painting, size, and medium.
Surnames A - H Surnames I - R Surnames S - Z
Edie Bergl Edie Bergl
Joanne Binns Joanne Binns
Marie Butt Marie Butt
Melinda Calway Melinda Calway
Shirley Clark Shirley Clark
Joan Colbourne Joan Colbourne
Christine Cole Christine Cole
Nancy Converse Nancy Converse
Gail Elksnitis Gail Elksnitis
Pam Erickson Pam Erickson
Theresa Evans Theresa Evans
Gary Faulkner Gary Faulkner
Gayle Fehr Gayle Fehr
Marilyn Fernandes Marilyn Fernandes
Beryl Forster Beryl Forster
David Franklin David Franklin
Vanaja (Ghose) Cotroneo Vanaja (Ghose) Cotroneo
Donna Gordon Donna Gordon
Gwen Hayes Gwen Hayes
Yusheng He Yusheng He
Garry Herridge Garry Herridge
Robert Hinves Robert Hinves
Yvonne Komlenovich Yvonne Komlenovich
Rhonda Kosowan Rhonda Kosowan
Ken Koyama Ken Koyama
Carmen Krol Carmen Krol
Malcolm Leach Malcolm Leach
Diana Li Diana Li
Joy MacFadyen Joy MacFadyen
Robert Mais Robert Mais
Beverley Marshall Beverley Marshall
Ted Martin Ted Martin
Helen Redhead Mayer Helen Redhead Mayer
Nola McConnan Nola McConnan
Kristina Okrasa

Kristina Okrasa

Ling Ouyang Ling Ouyang
Carolyne Pascoe Carolyne Pascoe
Carole Robitaille Carole Robitaille
Catherine Milton Rose Catherine Milton Rose
Elaine Saliani Elaine Saliani
Cathy Scharge Cathy Scharge
Mike Scholte Mike Scholte
Lydia Sidharta Lydia Sidharta
Martine Simard Martine Simard
June Ann Smith June Ann Smith
Mary Jo Smith Mary Jo Smith
Christine Valentini Christine Valentini
Liz Walsh Liz Walsh
Laurette Wijetunga Laurette Wijetunga
Angela Wong Angela Wong
Margaret Wong Margaret Wong
Tom Wong Tom Wong
Tim Wun Tim Wun
Sophia Yongxiu Ge Sophia Yongxiu Ge




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