The Art Guild of Scarborough
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Our mission statement:
To bring together people with a mutual interest in the fine arts and to be of service to the community by providing a congenial group interested in the fine arts. To foster better understanding of creative art, its origin, techniques, media and means of expression, and to gain from one another new incentive through mutual work and study. To promote and encourage promising artists in the community. To offer a means of bringing work before the public through exhibitions and other programs.
A brief history:

Arthur LogoIn June 1962 seven people broke away from a now defunct Scarborough art group to form the art Guild of York-Scarborough. They all agreed to meet each week in a small room at the Cedarbrook Community Centre to paint and exchange ideas. These meetings were so successful that within seven months the membership had increased to 46 and they had twice moved to larger areas in the Community Centre. During the years since then the Guild has continued to grow in size ro reach its present restricted total of 150 members.

In the beginning, funds were scarce. At a Christmas party in December 1963 members were obliged to band together to have an auction sale to raise money. The proceeds of that sale went to hire instructors. 1968 marked a significant turning point for the Guild when paintings were hung in both Scarborough Hospitals and proceeds from sales began to augment the operating funds. Nowadays, the financial state of the Guild is excellent and members are treated to a wide variety of lectures, critiques and demonstrations throughout the year.

The Spring and Fall Shows started as a tradition in 1963 and have continued throughout the years without fail. As well, each Spring, the Arthur Show is held at a prestigious location in Scarborough. During January 1972 the word "York" was dropped from the name of the Guild and it then became known as The Art Guild of Scarborough. This change was effected largely for the sake of brevity but also to allow closer identification with Scarborough as a whole. In fact, through good publicity and regular exposure, the Guild has since become recognized as a definite cultural asset to the community.

The year 2012 marked the 50th anniversary of the Art Guild of Scarborough - proud to have celebrated it's fiftieth year of providing fine art in this community.

Did you know?
The history of the logo "Arthur" (shown above)? He was designed by the first president of the Art Guild and assumed that he was named Arthur because of the first 3 letters of his name (ART) and because he was clearly male.


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